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  • Monday Aug 20th
  • Tuesday Aug 21st
  • Wednesday Aug 15th
  • Thursday Aug 16th
TimeLeft CourtRight CourtBack Court
6:00PM one hit wonders   vs   kiss my ace dawg house  vs  anna's team char's team  vs  auto audio
6:45PM safe sets  vs  new team winner 6:00 R  vs  winner 6:00 B recless  vs  lady balls
7:30PM rough sets  vs  some spike it hot spikes r us  vs  teddy's team that's what she set  vs  vicki's vixens
8:15 PM winner 6:45 B  vs  winner 7:30 B loser 7:30 L  vs  winner 7:30 R  


TimeLeft CourtRight CourtBack Court
6:00PM tom foolery  vs  team luke hit for brains  vs  sandy cracks N/A
6:45PM mhis  vs  winner 6:00 L rac & sac's  vs  winner 6:00 R N/A
7:30PM sets to kill  vs  chalet winner 6:45 L   vs  winner 6:45 R N/A
8:15PM     N/A


TimeLeft CourtRight CourtBack Court
6:00PM bump set drink  vs  hack attack boaters  vs  notorious dig N/A
6:45PM box tronics  vs  winner 6:00 L winner 6:00 R  vs  bros & hoes N/A
7:30PM loser buys  vs  two bump chumps fice star  vs  something else N/A
8:15PM winner 7:30 L  vs  sloppy sets N/A N/A


TimeLeft CourtRight CourtBack Court
6:00PM sneeches  vs  rough sets evanescense  vs  frozen balls  
6:45PM something uglies  vs  winner 6:00L setting ducks  vs  winner 6:00 R  
7:30PM N/A N/A N/A
8:15PM N/A N/A N/A


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